12 thoughts on “Don Imus to ADL: F.U.

  1. Imus has been calling CEO Lee Davis and OPs Director Mark Chernoff of WFAN ” Thieving Jews” for years and _NOW_, the ADL catches on? Puh-leese. Imus is a curmudgeon at the sunset end of his contract. Any fan knows he’s been doing this shtick for decades. To be fair, CAIR was all over Don for calling Muslims ” Goat Humpers”.
    Imus is an equal opportunity offender.

  2. I do not understand where you obtained the fact that Imas told the ADL to “go fuck themselves.”
    You did not have the above quote in quotations marks in your blog. Also, reading the Post article, such words do not appear. In fact the article states that there was an unknown two word reply. I would hope that you are able to better document Imas’ reply. If so, please provide the documentation.

  3. let’s see … two words he couldn’t say on the air … what do you think that implies? “thank you?” “i’m sorry?” “forgive me?” “my apologies?”
    give it a rest.

  4. All you need is Tuesday’s show. I heard Don say the “f” bomb, not once, but twice, on this. He said it again in the 5:30 AM “best of” this morning. You need a quote? 😉

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