Don't Pay 12 Bux for Macaroons!

The New York City Consumer Affairs Commission is cracking down on merchants peddling traditional passover foods with “jacked up” prices. They urge anyone who witnesses the practice of overpriced items to call 311. I predict a flood of calls from people purchasing that $12 box of potato starch based macaroons.

4 thoughts on “Don't Pay 12 Bux for Macaroons!

  1. I don’t understand this. Passover food has an extremly limited sale time, thus companies are forced to recoup expenses over a month as opposed to an indefinate period of time. After that month is up all the food is essentially worthless. Of course that is passed on to the consumer. This is a silly regulation. Instead, if people can’t afford all these things, perhaps they should cut back on non-necissities, like Passover brownies and cakes, suck it up and eat Matzo for 8 days.

  2. Mr Mr. It seems like your view is “don’t let them eat cake”. The regulation to keep the price of Passover food down is not to protect those who can cut back on non-necessities if they have to. It’s to prevent those who are in dire financial difficulties (and there are more jews in that position than you probably imagine) from being forced to abandon keeping kosher altogether. As a community, we are in serious danger of making the religion a middle class luxury that can be observed only by the very wealthy. Kosher meat, bread, wine etc are now so much more expensive than the non-kosher varieties that many jews are simply being priced out of observance.

  3. Both of you have valid points, as a recent Kosher meat only eater, I have endured a sharp increase in my grocery bills. Also, the same with wine… Oh well I will stick to whiskey hehe

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