From the Heeb Headquarters: Norman Fell? Did he get hurt?

Norman Fell?
Like, that dude who played Mr. Roper on Three’s Company?
Here’s the thing. We Heebsters love nothing more than the intersection of Judaism and wacky pop culture. Our music editor is stalking David Lee Roth. I have a total crush on Rivers Cuomo (from Weezer, not the New York political family). And we got famed artist Shepard Fairey, of the “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” legend, to make a “Norman Fell has a posse” T-shirt for us.
Most of our T-shirts sell pretty well. I get hit on practically every time I go out in public wearing my “Moses is My Homeboy” T-shirt. My six-foot-plus muscled African-American ex-roommate was the toast of the Lower East Side in his “Honorary Heeb” shirt. However, because the Norman shirts are made by Mr. Serious Artist Man, we’re selling the Norman Fells for fifty bucks a pop. Fifty bucks. Do you know how many bottles of Kabbalah Centre water I could buy for that? Fifty bucks?
So, yeah, it’s a little steep. But we only made fifty of them, so they’re one of those cool limited-edition type things. If they don’t sell, we’re not lowering the price. Ever. They’re art, dude. Imagine the camp value. Just put it on your wall next to your framed first issue of Heeb. You’ll thank us later.

2 thoughts on “From the Heeb Headquarters: Norman Fell? Did he get hurt?

  1. Thats ok, if I really wanted it I will wait for the more bootleggish ones from CHina, after someone copies it.
    Yeesh $50 for friggin white T shirt with picture, that better be some crazy ass Cotton

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