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Dos Likht fun Kanada

radio613 is a collective and radio broadcast dedicated to Jewish politics, culture, and religious life. Diasporic tones find auditory homes through featured interviews, music, readings, discussion, and documentaries. Each week radio613 presents Jewish perspectives on religious/spiritual thought and practice, race and racism, gender and feminisms, anti-semitism, identity politics, colonialism and resistance… and more!
It is not everyday that a Jewish youth takes it upon himself to so passionately interlock Yiddishkayt and Revolution, and to bring it to Jewish youth across his land. DJ Grenadier, my khevrusa this past summer, he should be Zokhe to berius, mazal, naches, a bayis ne’eman b’yisroel un l’oylem habo.
Click here for a recent interview with journalist and cultural theorist Ruth Ellen Gruber on the “revival” of Jewish culture in 21st century Eastern Europe.
Click here to listen to other recent broadcasts.

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