Drawing The Line

They light candles on the Sabbath. They congregate in places named Beth Shalom and Hope of Israel. They pray in Hebrew, wear skullcaps and blow the shofar to herald the High Holy Days, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. So why is this young man sitting outside the Russian Community Life Center on Brighton Beach Avenue telling everybody that the people worshiping inside are not real Jews?

The NY Times profiles Yitzchak Geyer, a Russian-Jewish immigrant and anti-missionary whose personal mission is to out Jews for Jesus as being full of ish.

2 thoughts on “Drawing The Line

  1. jews for jesus 🙂 they have always made me laugh. personally i think they are full jews. they believe that the savior has already come. All jews beleive a savior will come most jews will tell you that he hasn’t come yet. Jews for jesus simply beleive that he has come. Dispite your beleifs Jesus said good things that any jew, christain or muslim should take to heart.

  2. CHRISTIANS murdered, burned, raped, beat, robbed, massacred,
    tortured, mutilated, slandered, banned, taxed, drowned and
    boycotted JEWS for 15 centuries. So-called “Jews For Jesus” are
    a continuation of that persecution.
    In 1977, the Long Island Council of Churches said:
    “Jews for Jesus engage in subterfuge and dishonesty.”
    In 1982, the Texas Council of Churches unanimously
    condemned “Jews For Jesus.”
    In 1999, Reverend David Selzer (an Episcopal minister)
    called “Jews For Jesus”:
    “another in a long series of persecutions by Christians
    of Jews” [ Chaplain at the University of Minnesota.]
    Reverend Christopher Leighton warns:
    “Jews for Jesus are misleading, irresponsible, and unethical.”
    David Brickner, the current president of “Jews For Jesus”
    admitted his mother is NOT JEWISH.
    Since the Talmud teaches that the child of a Jewish MOTHER
    is Jewish five times ( [1] Yebamot 17A [2] Yebamot 23A
    [3] Yebamot 100B [4] Kidushin 68B [5] Sanhedrin 21A ),
    this means that David Brickner is NOT JEWISH.

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