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Education = Everything

The Israeli school year was supposed to start a month ago, and high school students still haven’t gone to school — the teachers are still on strike.
A major demonstration in support of education is going on right now in Kikar Rabin in Tel Aviv, and 100,000 people are expected. Smaller demonstrations have been happening around the country. For example, on Tuesday, a group of high school students marched through the Machaneh Yehuda shuk in Jerusalem. The TV networks weren’t there, but Jewschool was! See our footage:

Some of the signs say:

  • Education = Everything
  • Teachers want to live too
  • Today’s mistakes are tomorrow’s tears
  • Marching for the future of education
  • Without education there is no future
  • Small class, large gain

Meanwhile, university professors are also on strike. However, other university employees (including junior faculty) are not on strike, which means that the universities have been open and some classes are going on, while others aren’t.
Jewschool’s Israel correspondents also captured footage of this demonstration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Har Hatzofim campus, on Wednesday. Since the students are chanting in Arabic and aren’t holding any signs, I don’t know what they’re saying (or even whether it’s related to the strike or about something else entirely). Can anyone out there clarify?

2 thoughts on “Education = Everything

  1. Does anyone out there speak enough Arabic (and have good enough sound) to figure out what the second video is about? I’m dying to know!

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