Who is Joan of Arc?

Time is running a profile of American life using statistical measures about a broad range of issues. Interesting stuff. It included the following passage about religious consumerism and bible knowledge:

The vast majority of Americans believe in God, and more than 90% own a Bible, but only half can name a single Gospel, and 10% think Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife.

What percentage of people do you think assume Moses Malone led the Israelites accorss the Re(e)d Sea?

8 thoughts on “Who is Joan of Arc?

  1. Was this a multiple-choice test? Otherwise I don’t know how 10% of people could have come up with the same comical answer, unless the sample was very small.

  2. i didn’t look into the methodology much, but have to assume you’re guess is right, BZ. Does it make it worse or better if 10%, when asked who Joan of Arc was, chose D) Noah’s wife.
    Hell, Arc and Ark aren’t even spelled the same way.

  3. When I was younger I thought that the male Moses and the female Moses were the same person. Or at least related. Certainly they were contemporaries, right? I mean, they both happened in the history I was learning at the time…

  4. If they taught real history in the schools instead of the politally corrected watered down version then kids would be eager to learn. The real story about Joan of Arc is so remarkable that kids would love to learn about her life. Send the one’s that think she was married to Noah to Joan of Arc – MaidofHeaven.com

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