Enter the Jew-Tang

Three years after his initial intentions to do so, Wu-Tang’s token Jewish guy, Remedy, is finally touring Israel this Summer. (c/o KlezmerShack)

For those of you unfamiliar with the drama between the MC and myself (here’s my interview with him), check the August 10th post on my old blog. Oddly enough, he’s trying to put together some shows with one of the groups I webmaster for and promote now, Regenerated Headpiece. Can’t wait to run into him backstage… I’ve never been assaulted by a celebrity before.

Yeah, yeah… It’s loshn hora, I know, I know. I just don’t like the idea that this guy is being touted as a role model for Jewish children while his rhymes objectify women, glorify gang violence and drug dealing, and furthermore, when his knowledge of Judaism is limited to Schindler’s List and other pop-culture Judaica. He may as well layn tefillin with Madonna. When I asked him about what he’s doing on a label with notoriously anti-Semitic 5 Percenters, citing Killah Priest’s album View From Masada and his reference to killing a rabbi after fucking his wife, as well as Wu-Tang’s repeated self-comparison to and glorification of the PLO (that is to say, they consider themselves “lyrical terrorists”), his response was little more than apologetic. Some role model. I say, don’t be fooled: The man’s a hustler and Jewish kids are market he’s looking to exploit. It’s disappointing really…

4 thoughts on “Enter the Jew-Tang

  1. well, clearly his fucking the rabbi’s wife and killing him is symbolic of his taking of the divine presence from the cuckolded jewish people, taking biblical majesty and making it his own. the song of songs imagery seems to say that.
    which is more really over self-important and boring than anything else.

  2. …and I thought I was the only one interpreting Killah Priest as anti-semitic.
    “allah’s far amazing than any god or for a pagan /
    raised in synagogues of satan” – Killah Priest
    What else is it sayin` beside that Judaism is satanic??
    The more I was surprised about Killah Priest and Remedy going to Israel.
    I asked Remedy about this contradiction (writing to his website) but I never got any response.
    Can somebody give me a link to get more information about this topic? Anti-Semitism in HipHop, Wu-Tang and anti-Semitism etc

  3. I’ve been watching this trick play out for years and it’s mostly just a young man head trip, playing with numerology, astrology, smoking kind and getting laid, suddenly these cats think that got the whole universe by the balls. I know it happened to me, seen it happen to a lot of people, then there’s a bit of glory before the universe spins out and rattles yer bones. You know KatrinaRita makes a 9mm look like a toothpick. Read.

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