Erev Shabbos Mishegaas

Via Andy Bachman:

  • JJ Goldberg comments on Kristoff and the anti-AIPAC backlash
  • Nathan Guttman joins him.
  • AJCommittee’s David Harris chimes in as well.

Elsewhere in la-la land:

  • WJC head Edgar Bronfman says he shitcanned Israel Singer for embezzlement. Singer denies the allegation.
  • Antisemitism reaches an all-time high in Canada.
  • Commentary magazine launched a blog in January and it’s gotten pretty good.
  • Tom Delay says he quit the Senate to “fight for Israel.” Am I the only one who thinks Israel has so few friends because of the company it keeps?

And because I think that having your views challenged is important for growth and self-honesty:

  • At ShrinkWrapped, a psychoanalyst and right-wing Jewish blogger offers a series of lengthy posts on what he describes as the Jewish Left’s “unconscious courtship with death.” One, two and three. It’s not without its faults, but it’s worth a read.

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