9 thoughts on “Escape from the ghetto

  1. Those girls are probably going to be beaten, if they haven’t been already. Chassidic parents do not take lightly to veering outside of the boundries of boro park. My prayers go out to them and I sincerely hope that they will be able to run away again – this time successfully.

  2. if they were vagrant jews would that be better?…better still, what the hell is a vagrant and what makes vagrancy such a bad thing?

  3. you are so ready to pounce it makes me sick…
    yes there is a difference.. a very big difference. Pretend for a second that you can be half as tolerant of other cultures as you make yourself out to be.. then understand that we jews only are supposed to date us jews.. and that anything else is an abomination. Therefore it is not the vagrant status that is an issue nor is it their nationality or race that is a problem.. (unless you consider judaism a race).

  4. a vagrant is a shady drifter type–a vagabond with a bad attitude. naf, imagine any of the NM douchebag junkies you’ve met in your life, and imagine ’em on the road, cruisin’ for a bruisin’. that’s a vagrant. 20-something mexicans who skip over the border and help smuggle a couple of 16 year-old girls to arizona…that would be some shady-ass vagrancy.

  5. Very interesting that you consider interfaith marriage an “abomination”. That is the exact same word that those bible freaks call homosexuality.
    It’s a real shame that love and happiness are second to the propagation of one’s beliefs.
    Did you know that there isn’t a real passage in the Torah banning interfaith marriages? There’s some stuff in the Talmud, but when Moses came down from the mountain, it was still OK, just not OK for some specific groups.

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