Israel Mourns Johnny Cash

From the Israeli Consulate in NY:

The State of Israel would like to express its condolences to the family of the late Johnny Cash, an American icon and true friend of Israel.

In 1968, Johnny Cash produced “The Holy Land,” an album about his travels in Israel.

He returned in 1973 to film a documentary about the life of Jesus called “The Gospel Road” with his wife, June Carter Cash.

A frequent guest, Johnny Cash was loved by Israelis and his music will live on in the pubs, cafes and hearts of a grateful nation.

Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash, who visited Israel on many occasions, are shown here at Ben Gurion Airport in the company of El Al officials.

Shout it cross the mountain shout it cross the sea
We have been delivered Israel is free
Come to the Wailing Wall…

Bring the lost ones homeward lead them to this shore
The city gates are open heaven’s blessing o’er
Come to the Wailing Wall…

–“Come to the Wailing Wall” by Johnny Cash

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