Evil, Self-described

Relatively new, from the bowels of Jerusalem, is Rishus, an open and unmoderated invitation of stories and rants re: Jewish evil, mostly in the form of chassidish sexual narratives, occasionally featuring violence and a nazi here and there. Got some good evil to get off your chest? Looking for some? Stop on by!
The guy who runs the site used to be very close to the Rebbe when he was young, so just remember: it’s all therapeutic.

8 thoughts on “Evil, Self-described

  1. “used to be very close to the Rebbe”
    Which Rebbe?
    I’m from Boro Park, we’ve got three on every street corner. And I expect Yerushalayim has even more.

  2. I’m a little disappointed, YL. I thought you were going to find a website full of bizarre mystical Jewish ideas just barely justified by obscure yet valid Jewish sources (y’know, the kind of stuff that keeps rationalists like me up at night). This Rishus thing looks like a twelve year old’s idea of evil. How about another essay?

  3. yeah, sophomoric and silly, you got me. I know the guy who does this site fromjerusalem, and i’m sure he’d respond to or encourage a deeper exploration of The Bad on request or engagement.
    Lord, should I identify which Rebbe? i’m concerned it might identify the author too, and jah only knows he’s suffered enough. He’s a really sweet guyi n person, and a deep thinker… Let’s just go the fight club routine and say which rebbe? “One of the big ones.”
    seriously though, if you want better, smarter evil there, engage it. or if you want to curse the evil, and boo it or something, i think it’d be responded to well.

  4. and he’s not from satmar originally, so… guess who’s left.
    One of the uniquish things about this site, as far a jewish sites, not as far as web sites generally, is that there’s no attempt to justify the forbidden, just express it. is that more honest? Less evil, maybe even?

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