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Ex-AIPAC man expects indictment; Is convinced government still looking for "Agent X"

JTA reports:

“WASHINGTON, May 10 (JTA) — Steve Rosen, recently terminated as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s policy director in the wake of an FBI investigation, expects to be indicted as soon as June, according to sources who know the case.
[…] Rosen has told contacts that he is convinced the government is still looking for “Mr. X” or “Agent X” — an alleged Israeli master spy in the United States. Jewish communal officials have said they believe the FBI has been seeking a “Mr. X” since the Jonathan Pollard spy scandal in the 1980s.”

6 thoughts on “Ex-AIPAC man expects indictment; Is convinced government still looking for "Agent X"

  1. Agents are trying to decide between Osama ben Ladinberg or Lex Luthor…son…stein… . Maybe put Novak on it.

  2. Of course it’s anti-Semitic to imagine that a “policy director” has anything to do with directing organizational policy. We blame the guy who killed OJ’s wife, who is (according to police psychics) Palestinian.

  3. I appreciate the link under the words “Agent x.”
    They are so right about israel’s betraying those who help them.

  4. Hmm, I’m interested in what happens next with this guy . . . could be an interesting case . . .
    It’s also interesting to note that they mentioned Jonathan Pollard. If the government isn’t careful, they’ll turn this official into a martyr. Pollard already is: he’s been in jail longer than any other spy (interestingly enough, longer than Aldrich Ames, who passed on information to an “enemy” of the US and thus resulting in the deaths of American personnel overseas) , he “spied” for a country that is allied with the United States, and he now alleges mistreatment in American prisons.

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