Ex-Korn guitarist: "Satan out, Jesus In"

Ex-metal guitarist Brian “Head” Welch was baptized yesterday in the Jordan river.

Despite saying he was there to be “dunked in the water,” Welch said the ritual baptism had washed away his anger. “You know when you get angry and it builds up? I felt like hurting someone before, now I feel like hugging people,” he said.
Wearing a silver cross necklace and earring, Welch, with “Matthew 11:28,” tattooed prominently across his neck in reference to the Bible verse “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest,” stood out from his fellow pilgrims.

According to Blabbermout.net, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis had this to say:

“I have been having fun watching my ex-guitar player [Brian ‘Head’ Welch] bash us. What can I say but good luck, bro. I’m done with your false crusade. KORN will keep ‘poluting’ the world as long as we have fans.

Korn pollutes my ears. Long live Emo!

5 thoughts on “Ex-Korn guitarist: "Satan out, Jesus In"

  1. He said he wanted to get away from all the negative, debauched, drug-fuelled madness that being in a rock band involves……fair enough to him….perhaps he could give me Jonathan’s number…..I think I can remember how to play “Smoke on the Water”.

  2. Just because korn is a metal/hard rock band does not make them the reincarnate of satan and for you to think so would lead me to the conclussion that your just another niave fag who likes to point the finger. Well how about you point the finger somewhere else like up your ass, poof. Why would you believe anything the ex-guitarist of korn says, i mean after all he is a “satan worshipper” not to mention a disgrunteld ex-band member. Fancy an emo complaining about “polluting” air waves.

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