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Excellent Jewish Feminist Conference Now Online

A year and a half ago, I had the great honor of being part of a conference at Barnard called “Jewish Women Changing America: Cross-Generational Conversations” with heavy-hitters such as Judith Plaskow, Judith Hauptman, Lori Lefkovitz, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Lisa Jervis, Norma Baumel Joseph, Laura Levitt and all sorts of other incredibly smart people. It was great fun.
Now they’ve put the whole thing online, so you can check it all out–sessions on culture, the American mainstream, community organizing, and, of course, religion. They’ve got video clips, transcripts, the whole deal. (I sound like Darth Vader a little bit on my video clip–every time I took a breath, the microphone seemed to have insisted on making a gigantic sucking sound.)
Anyway, check out the whole conference here. If you want to see a transcript of the talk that I gave, you can check it out (complete with cranky CC License disclaimer) here.

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