Exploiting the Myth of Red-Green Antisemitism

Jean-Christophe Mounicq, writing for Tech Central Station, condemns the modern resurgence of European antisemitism as purely Muslim in origin, and blames “‘politically correct’ anti-Israel bias currently in vogue in the EU” that is perpetuated by the Left, for providing a venue for this “Red-Green” antisemitism to piggyback on.

Of course, while Mounicq raises some interesting and valid points in his little diatribe, he completely ignores and thus excuses the actions of the Israeli government, as though “‘politically correct’ anti-Israel bias” is completely unfounded. Why the notion that Israeli governmental policy as well as popular Jewish opinion in favor of the state, may in fact be responsible, to a fair extent, for provoking a great deal of antisemitism, is an anathema to this guy, is equally an anathema to me.

There can never be peace until everyone accepts responsiblity for their hand in such matters.

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