[Fake] War on Christmas a Tool to Push Christian Right's Agenda

In an article which — interestingly enough — falls under the banner of their regular editorial column “Talking Points,” The NY Times sums it up all nice n’ good:

Religious conservatives are using Christmas for a political purpose: as a cudgel to push the prayers and displays of their own form of Christianity into public spaces, including public schools, and to make America more like a theocracy.

Full story.
Also peep The Daily Show on the subject. And while we’re at it, fuck Christmas.

6 thoughts on “[Fake] War on Christmas a Tool to Push Christian Right's Agenda

  1. This is hilarious. A mock memo from this week’s New Republic on this subject.
    TO: Leading Democrats
    FROM: DNC Executive Committee
    (cc: Howard Dean)
    SUBJECT: Overcoming the Anti-Christmas Image
    While our base strongly supports the war on Christians,
    polling numbers suggest that we’re losing independent voters.
    We believe the key to gains in 2006 is to demonstrate a love
    of Yuletide that is resolute, patriotic, and gritty. Democrats
    cannot afford to look weak or vacillating, so we suggest
    action in the following areas:
    Produce Precious Moments–style Nativity scenes with figurines
    of leading Democrats. Wise men should include Tom Vilsack and
    Ken Salazar. The baby Jesus should resemble Barbara Boxer.
    Highlight the neglectful environmental stewardship of
    Republicans by focusing on the threat faced by the woodland
    elf. Also, befriend group of elves and, if possible, train
    to serve as communications staff for Howard Dean.
    Capitalize on Abu Ghraib human-pyramid expertise by stacking
    detainees this time to form, unmistakably, a human Christmas
    tree. (Note: Detainees should either be clothed in green, or,
    if naked, painted.)
    Produce a pro-Christmas techno-thriller directed by Mel Gibson
    and starring Evan Bayh. Supporting roles should include
    Chuck Schumer as the gruff but lovable space-sleigh mechanic
    Papa Scraps.
    Three talking points: Hanukkah is Moronikkah. Ramadan is
    Rama-dumb. And fuck Kwanzaa.
    Advocate the Christmas tax break, a holiday tax relief package
    for Christians. Suggest that any resulting shortfalls in
    revenue be made up with money from Jews.
    Democrats should launch a $12 billion hearts-and-minds campaign
    to provide a Christmas tree for every Iraqi.
    Let’s be clear: Winning in 2006 will not be easy, but the
    path, in this case, runs straight—and hopefully roughshod—over
    liberal secularists. The sooner Democrats recognize this, the
    sooner we can return to office and fight for the issues that
    really matter to us—namely, winning the war against Easter.

  2. Good quote from from a Fox News Producer on this via C and L: “…But what really separates Fox from the competition is its unabashed use of religion as a divisive weapon. Common sense — and common courtesy — have long dictated that personal religious beliefs be kept out of news reporting unless the story at hand involves religion. But on Fox, it’s not uncommon for an anchor to raise the issue of a guest’s religion, or lack thereof, a propos of nothing…”


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