Hanukah Robot Funk

Welp, Beck’s out of the closet as a Scientologist, now openly supporting the speculations of a failed science fiction author that the wrathful ghosts of space aliens are exacting vengeance upon the human race.
As a long-time fan, I’m left longing for the days when he used to sing cheezy songs about Chanukah.

7 thoughts on “Hanukah Robot Funk

    so sad… still love my copies of Mellow Gold, Odelay, and Mutations. Then again, someone who came up with those things may be crazy enough to think about aliens invading your body and causing you stress. Oy.

  2. Uch, Beck! WHY!??! From Tom Cruise and John Travolta, we expect such shennanigans, but Beck David Campbell. Then again, Campbell? OY!

  3. Love the old school Beck! How old school is this recording, and where can I find it to bust on my own turntable? Thank you Mobius, you may have saved Hanukah!

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