FBI Steps Up Pro-Israel Spy Ring Investigation

The witchhunt begins:

The FBI investigation into the Pentagon mole affair has expanded beyond data analyst Larry Franklin’s immediate circle to encompass the entire issue of Jewish influence on the neoconservative part of the administration.

The FBI queries have recently been focusing on a number of officials, all from the neoconservative wing, who had access to the debates on Iranian affairs, the Washington Post reported yesterday.

The officials include Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz; Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith; Pentagon adviser Richard Perle; adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, David Wormser; and Iran specialist Harold Rhode, all of them Jews.

The Washington Post reported that FBI people recently spoke to administration officials and Middle East experts to sound them out on the suspicion that senior officials funneled secret material to Israel. They asked each official whether he believes that a certain group of people could spy for Israel and transfer secret information.

How many times did we freakin’ reiterate this mantra? At the end of the day, no matter how much it helps Israel out in the interim, none of this neocon shit is gonna be good for the Jews.

This rips open the wound on the “do Jews create antisemitism” debate widely, as far as I’m concerned, (my positions on which have earned the severe handing of my ass to me on previous occasions) because, prior to this incident, calling into question the influence of Jewish neocons on US administration policies could easily be relegated to the column of “unfounded suspicions” likely rooted in traditional “Protocols”-style antisemitism. But now these bastages have apparently gone ahead and given people reasonable concern with regards to Jewish policy influence, which makes it an inherently more complex and troubling situation.

You don’t need a conspiracy theory when the evidence is right out on the table; thus when coupled with historical antisemitic falsehoods and absurdities pertaining to the Jewish role in instigating profit-motivated wars and other exercises of undue influence, a modern example becomes available which lends credence to these otherwise altogether assanine contentions. This presents a grave danger to the Jewish people because it provides a context to a resurgence of, again, otherwise unfounded antisemitic opinion. See, before it just looked bad. Now it really is bad.

Thus, for the sake of discussion, I’ll contend that—as I believe our rabbanim and our Zionist thinkers have before us—once we get too comfortable and act like we’ve got shit under control (hence taking liberties such as smuggling classified material to our brothers in Eretz Yisrael, without considering the possibility of real repercussions), we set ourselves up for the revocation of our status and our welcome in the lands of our foreign hosts.

My only hope is that the majority of Americans are not as prone to these antisemitic inclinations as some of our European hosts have been in the past. But well, considering the response to Borat’s recent performance in Dixieland, I can’t say I’m especially hopeful. And that’s why, G-d willing, inside two years, I’m making aliyah…

But then again, this could all be just another fluke. If, G-d willing, the allegations turn out to be unfounded, it’ll be interesting to see how history and its abusers record the subject to meet their aims.

5 thoughts on “FBI Steps Up Pro-Israel Spy Ring Investigation

  1. One can assume that a departing ex-President Bush will pardon all and sundry come January.
    A re-elected Bush, on the other hand, with a whole new DoD, will let the FBI and CIA nash on the neocons’ corpses.

  2. There is no question that the allegations are enough to create repurcussions for the int’l Jewish community. Nevertheless, having met these people in the past and contacted others with or till recently with AIPAC, I just don’t see how the charges are plausible. Chances are that everybody spies on everybody, but AIPAC knows how much it can accomplish without engaging in nefarious activity, and would never put its ability to do so in jeopardy.

  3. Don’t get caught up trying to understand any of this reasonably and rationally. As Ronald Reagan said, “facts are stupid things,” and all that really matters is what people are capable of believing and who is expendable. The Log Cabin Republicans learned a tough and valuable lesson in New York about their expendability. Now it’s Toward Tradition’s turn.
    Useful quote from Bill Maher: “the real axis of evil is the genius of American marketing and the stupidity of the American electorate.”

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