Feel the Burn!

The Temporary Autonomous Zone is open for bidness—Burning Man 2003 is nigh. And whether it be Rainbow, Goa, or anywhere the vibe is this strong, you’re bound to find a minyan. Congregation B’nai Hamidbar represents at this summer’s gathering of the tribes in Black Rock, Arizona.

For several years, the Jewish community at Burning Man has held wonderful Friday night gatherings of prayer, song, dancing, and food. Now, as part of the Beyond Belief theme of Burning Man 2003, we are proud to inaugurate Congregation B’nai Hamidbar (“Children of the Desert”), a new home for radical Jewish self-transcendence.

The Jewish encampment will hold it down from Aug. 24-Sept. 1. If you make it to this year’s burn, at least you know you’ve got where to go for Shabbos! (c/o jay m.)

For great shots from previous years’ Burning Man, check out my friend Gabe’s site, gabekphoto.com. Also, Fray publisher Derek Powazek, who authored “The Scar” (blogged here a couple months back), is counting down the days to Burning Man on his blog with photos and stories from Burning Mans past.

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