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Fired FDU Prof Faked Nazi Image

Inside Higher Ed reports,

The strange story of Jacques Pluss just got stranger.
In March, Pluss was fired from his position as an adjunct professor of history at Fairleigh Dickinson University shortly after it became known that he had become a leader of the National Socialist Movement of the United States, which is also known as the American Nazi Party. Students and colleagues at the New Jersey institution were stunned, but Pluss could be heard on Nazi radio broadcasts and made racist and anti-Semitic comments to reporters covering his dismissal.
Today, in an article being published on the History News Network, Pluss explains that he was never a real Nazi, but pretended to be one and outed himself so that Fairleigh Dickinson would fire him — all to collect material so he could write a book.
In an interview, Pluss explained why he became a Nazi by saying: “I do not believe that any historian can fully grasp the actual spirit that is the essence of their subject unless they participate in it, and that participation has to come in as full a manner as possible.”

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5 thoughts on “Fired FDU Prof Faked Nazi Image

  1. josh, would did you leave to Israel – a country whose whole existence is funded by the same place you call american jews to leave? it seems wrong on so many levels.

  2. I truly worry about American Jews and that you won’t get out in time. The German Jews were so much more integrated into society than you are, maybe that’s why they never saw the warning signs, but you guys see them popping up all the time and just relegate it to ‘isolated incident’? I got out 12 years ago, please reconsider aliyah.

  3. Asaf,
    Ever since Bibi rose to power about ten years ago, I have supported totally giving up all American transfer payments. We are their bitch.
    As for American ‘charity’, I would much prefer that these great American business people and professionals moved to Israel and turn it into a superpower. We don’t need American money, we need them all to make aliyah now.

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