9 thoughts on “The Difference is Black and White

  1. Perhaps its just me, but I find Shabot 6000 to be “miss” 98% and “hit” 2%. Is this the best Jews have to offer in the way of humorous comics?

  2. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. This kind of racism makes me so proud to be Jewish. Oh, wait… Actually, I find it reprehensible.

  3. “Thank you, Statler and Waldorf.”
    Ben…I’m a musician who has to deal with criticism all the time. C’est la vie. You’d do well to listen and not get too defensive. Your jokes/punch lines need work.
    Still, you do what most only talk about doing (creating art). And I think more strips need peyot.

  4. Nothing defensive here, shtreimel, I agree the cartoons aren’t for everyone.
    The comic is not meant to be racist, Elkanah. If you were expecting another punch line, you’ve helped prove the point of this particular comic.

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