For Splendor and for Beauty

Urim and ThummimThe Jewish fashion conspiracy is presumably my business, so I am always on the lookout for compatriots. I just stumbled upon a beautiful line of clothing from Gytha Mander that’s apparently been inspired by priestly rainments. Even the humblest tie has a name like Matityahu, Simon or Akiva.

Our fall 2006 collection for men and women, entitled “The Urim and the Thummim,” a reference to Exodus 28:1, is a meditation on diaspora, through the lens of Jewish history. The line is punctuated by wooden ties, high collar trench coats, Yeminite t-shirt patterns, prisoner stripes, dark denim dress shirts and crocodile holsters.

Okay, I don’t know that Aaron wore crocodile holsters, but she’s at least got the requisite rich color scheme down. I love this description of the t-shirt pictured here:

By David’s hand alone (or more precisely with a stone) did fortunes for the Philistines plummet. Determination, dear friends, is what bridges the distance between a vertical might and his horizontal ruin—just ask Goliath. Way to go David. But imagine what David might have accomplished had Gytha Mander been around to play tailor. Perhaps he would have been an even greater warrior, blow-for-blow Judah Maccabeus’s equal—or Alexander’s. Guesswork notwithstanding, you can vanquish enemies of your own with a Gytha Mander t-shirt, a strong sense of self and a score to settle.

I don’t know if this stuff is priestly but for sure I’d wear it to shul.

5 thoughts on “For Splendor and for Beauty

  1. Note the names of the two t-shirt designs– Bibi and Ariel. I hate to be a consiparcy-monger but perhaps Mander is pushing a political agenda along with high-class threads.

  2. or maybe tee shirts don’t deserve more than politicians’ names? (calm down calm down i’m just being funny) the women’s dress shirts are named for the matriarchs. purrrrr….

  3. Sarah,
    I actually Gytha Mander very well, and yes, the head designer is Jewish, and no, Simon, there is absolutely no political motivation behind this, as I spoke to the designer yesterday about it. As “Bibi” and “Ariel” have simply have an easier adoption in English than say, Ehud, or Amram.
    PS, Sarah, yours truly was this close to being a model for them as well!!!

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