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Meet Y-Love

“Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) is an MC unlike any other. He is a black convert into the Bostener sect of chassidus (the mystical branch of Orthodox Judaism). He is among the most innovative freestylers on the scene, weaving seamless polyglot rhymes in English, Arabic, Yiddish, and Hebrew. Most unique is Y-Love’s revival of Aramaic, the ancient language used to discuss Jewish Law. With each word he spits in the tongue of the Talmud, Y-Love breathes new life into Hasidism, and hip-hop, one beat at a time.”
Visit Y-Love’s page at Modular Moods or check out his MySpace profile.

4 thoughts on “Meet Y-Love

  1. i have to agree with Haley —
    his command of Aramaic is probably an object of envy to his Gemara rebbes!
    “You’ll be lookin up to me like Raba to Rava”
    He’s the gavra, yo!

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