Forget Politics. Drink Beer, Get Down, and See Art.

Yeah, that’s right. You could kvetch about more Jewish divisiveness and queer rights and how Dennis Prager graffiti’d your momma’s front porch, or you could shake your Jewty booty to punk-rock and hip-hop and poetry. Here’s what to mark up your calendar with.
1. Chicago: This Thursday, December 7:
matthue at Mike’s Place, Halsted Avenue’s first frum dance club. Oh yeah — you heard it here first. So go here and get info. Cause there’s a whatever-percent intermarriage rate, and we need to start copulatin’.
2. Also Chicago: Next Thursday, December 14:
And I know that was egotistical, but next week at Mike’s Place is my favorite band YidCore, who plays all the Bar Mitzvah hits. So loud that your grandma can have a night out without the hearing aid.
3. New York: The Second Annual Sephardic Music Festival

7 thoughts on “Forget Politics. Drink Beer, Get Down, and See Art.

  1. I’m planning to spend $400, spend 25 hours on a bus over 2 days, andmiss a final exam to see Yidcore. That’s still considerably easier than flying to Victoria, Australia.

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