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New Voices Nov/Dec: It's Raining Jews! Halleluyah!

New Voices Nov/DecThe November/December issue of New Voices has hit the web! In this issue Jewish student journalists from across the country cover:

Also in this issue:

  • Q: Dear Ms. Jackson, what’s up with that funny-looking mechitza?
  • Wayne’s World: Hillel’s President Firestone on Jews, Social Justice, and Meaningful Jewish Experiences
  • Rachel Corrie, Back in the Limelight and Surprisingly Eloquent
  • Keeping Up With the Wilsons
  • The Hazy Holocaust
  • The Best of eBay: Hechshered

New Voices is the only national, independent Jewish student magazine written by and for Jewish college students. Subscribe for free here.

4 thoughts on “New Voices Nov/Dec: It's Raining Jews! Halleluyah!

  1. There’s a podcast on it? Sweet. Actually, I got that from the Tribe DVD thing. The secret’s out! Does this mean girls should stop blaming Barbie on the Man now? Not that I was ever a fan of her body shape, but it begs discussion.

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