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Fortune hamentaschen

Fortune hamentaschen My twist on the traditional Purim cookie: fortune hamentaschen. They look like hamentaschen, but they taste good and they have fortunes inside, instead of prunes.
Here’s how.
For fortunes, I use Yiddish proverbs – they have the perfect blend of wry humour, cynicism, and Jewishness. Selections from Pirkei Avot (early rabbinic homiletics) could also work, but while fortune-like, they’re not really funny. One could also use verses from Proverbs and suchlike, but again they’re not really funny, and anyway, putting biblical verses into cookies? Yiddish proverbs are Jewy, funny, and fortuney, so they win. Choose fortunes, print them out, and fold the fortunes into little squares.
Then use this recipe and these associated tips to make fortune cookies. When you get to the bit about shaping them, depart from those instructions, and instead, when you get the cookie off the baking tray and flip it over, put a folded fortune in the middle and pinch the edges up to make three corners.

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