9 thoughts on “"The Hebrew Mamita"

  1. Woo-hoo a shout out on Jewschool….this is the hippest I’ve been since I snuck into a Dead show in Vegas.

  2. I enjoyed Vanessa’s rap moreso that the above “Mowed lawn” one. Perhaps I should hear it, rather than read it…
    Vanessa…You Rock!

  3. as a big def jam fan, and a jew to boot, i gotta admit that i was not such a fan of this poem when i saw it. it kinda seemed to me like an effort to play her jewishness as this pan-ethnic sensibility, ignoring the sensitive identity politics at hand…

  4. Why did she have to affect some sort of Latina accent, and called herself a Mammita?
    Something tells me she’s not a Latin Jew, and that something is her use of a KRS-One quote.

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