2 thoughts on “Forwards, Backwards and Sideways

  1. Okay so you republish an article about Matisyahi? Did you actually write this article? And if so, ya see if I had the chance to interview someone of his current stature I would probably put more than 5 freaking sentences of quotes in there.
    This article left me feeling as if you didn’t even meet with him but parced together some quotes possibly through e-mail correspondence or previous interviews with other journalistic sources. Either way “The Jewschool Interview” is hardly an apropos name for “Matisyahu’s New Bio.”
    Ian/Yitz (h8tr)

  2. ian, try asking matisyahu a question he hasn’t answered a thousand times in a thousand different sources. try offering a unique and fresh perspective to a story that’s been hammered to death. if you can do better, by all means, go right ahead. this was a profile piece on assignment from a major nyc periodical which loved the story. i’m sorry you didn’t feel the same.
    if you’d like hear the audio of the interview, i plan to release some of it on our new podcast next month.
    in the mean time, shabbat shalom. bitch.

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