9 thoughts on “The Jewschool Interview

  1. good looking on the necro interview…him and his brother’s insanity have been a longtime favorites of mine…pce.

  2. Good job on the profiles. The Matisyahu article was interesting coming from a Jewish (and your own) perspective than the handful of Matisyahu stories I’ve seen in secular papers.

  3. Very nice Matisyahu article — I got about 2 paragraphs into the Necro one (never heard of him) and stopped reading — not that it was a bad article but I simply had no intention of learning about him.
    I think Matisyahu is the only person who could ever pull this off. Originally I thought of him (not necesarrily him, but somebody with a website called hasidicreggae.com) as a Beasty Boy type figure, almost a laugh at trying to do reggae, like they tried to pull off rap. But he has a message, and he sets it very well. I bought “Live at Stubb’s” and simply listening to it was a religious experience, let alone being at a show! It brought me up — him saying (paraprhased) “Hasidism explains that every soul was brought into this world to change the darkness into light” during “Warrior” wanted me to go out a change the world, to do exactly that! And I have heard this message before, but hearing it in the presence of his heartfelt words, his voice, and the music, it has a hundred times an impact than that of reading it through a book or something.
    And Matisyahu will become (if not already is) much more accepted and listened to than the Chirstian Rock movement, because he not only has the heart, but he has the words put together in such a way that everybody will connect to it, whether Jewish or not (unlike “Jesus loves me because he helps me when I need him, oh yeah yeah yeah.).
    I don’t know, he is just awesome, and so is the band. They don’t get enough credit I don’t think, but the bassist can groove man! Real tight and together too, I hope he keeps it up for a long time.

  4. I don’t mean to be anal, but the girl getting her boobs grabbed in the neco interview looks drunk. Did he ask her position before publically groping her like that? Yeah I get pissed about rap sexism. Sorry!

  5. First off, Necro complaining about people not respecting him because he’s a white Jew? Give me a freakin break. Matisyahu gets mad props. So Called gets mad props.
    This dude ever stopped to think that people may really not like his music for reasons that have to with, you know, his music?

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