Free Matzah. Act Now.

So part of my day job at MyJewishLearning is to come up with new and zany schemes to… well, basically, to keep the site from seeming old and un-zany. This Passover season, I’ve decided that we should buy someone more matzah than they’ll ever need. Even if they have a whole lot of friends coming over and a studio apartment that needs re-insulation.
Here’s what I wrote:

What’s your best Passover story? It can be a horror story about Passover cleaning, or the story of how your parents met and fell in love at a Passover concert at college…or about the time your grandfather came to the seder dressed as a giant frog.

best seder ever passover contestMy Jewish Learning wants to hear your Passover memory.

It can be silly. It can be serious, or sad, or romantic. It shouldn’t be long–tell us in a few sentences (200 words or fewer) the best, worst, or most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you during Passover. Or film it, make it 2 minutes or less, and send us the YouTube or Vimeo link.

Send it to [email protected] by Monday, March 22, at 5 p.m. EST. Make sure to include your address and phone number. The winning entry will be announced on Wednesday, March 24, and published on And we’ll send you the biggest box of matzah you’ve ever seen, just in time for Passover.

(Sorry, but we’re only able to send matzah to addresses in the United States and Canada.)

2 thoughts on “Free Matzah. Act Now.

  1. This is funny and cute, but I read it and felt a little let down. You know what would make this promotion even better? If you also donated matzah to a Jewish food pantry at the same time. For instance, in Boston, Family Table at the Jewish Family and Children’s Service provides matzah to families who need help getting it.

  2. Hey Ruth, thanks so much for the suggestion! (Although I don’t know why giving away matzah would get you down in the first place, unless you feel unhappy any time you read about food.) I’ll propose the idea to my bosses…also, though, you should enter the contest! If you win, you could donate your prize to the organisation (and then they’d get twice as much)!

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