The Tav HaYosher is Turning 30!

Thirty restaurants signed on that is. Thirty kosher business owners who have stepped up, allowed for us to ensure that they are treating their workers according to basic ethical to ethical standards, and been awarded the Tav. Ethical kashrut is real folks. Uri L’Tzedek has gone from having 7 businesses in Manhattan when we launched less than a year ago to 30  across the nation today. This is real grassroots change happening in the Jewish community. If you’re in New York, come support and celebrate with author and Rabbi Joseph Teluskin, Dyonna Ginsburg of B’Maaglei Tzedek in Israel, and assorted other rockstars.
Wednesday March 10th
7:00-8:30 P.M
At Cafe 76 – the JCC
(76th & Amsterdam – 1st floor).
Dinner and suggested donation is $18.

One thought on “The Tav HaYosher is Turning 30!

  1. For those of you keeping score at home. And I know your are. It’s Tav Yosher 30 and Hechsher Tzedek 0.

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