4 thoughts on “Freeing Mein Kampf

  1. Yeah, censorship is bad. The antisemites are still reading it, and banning it kind of prevents open discussion.

  2. I’m with you EMTZAlex
    banning anti-semitic books hasn’t done shit except drive things further underground and made it more difficult to measure the problem

  3. Albert Speer described social evenings with the Fuhrer as “stultifyingly boring.” I tried to read Mein Kampf back in school, and I know what he meant; you can hardly stay awake to even get to the really awful parts.
    Funny, I never had that problem getting to the masturbation sequences in the Bible.

  4. ya, i do think people should read about how shitler…i mean hitler…prsocuted the jews. maby that wil show holicost deniers to shut the fuck up

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