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  1. Why remove an archived project from our website? We keep all our old projects that can be digitized online. Having been around for over 3,000 years, I’ve come to appreciate history.

  2. I find it VERY PROBLEMATIC to use the image of a wild west wanted poster for ANYONE. Remember what these posters often said – dead or alive. Is this how we want to treat a fellow Jew, even one who we dislike, who some despise?
    To be honest, this is:
    a – badly done
    b – inappropriate
    c – not entertaining/funny
    I think this image borders on Sin’at Chinam, and is inappropriate for this site.

  3. FOR ONCE I AGREE WITH BOXTHORN. JWW needs to update that page to reflect the Romney/Ryan/Rightwingnutjob slate in the current election.

  4. I maintain my theory that “Jewish Women Watching” consists of a dude named Harvey posting from his mom’s basement. But it’s just a theory.

  5. and i mantain that boxthorn is right about wanting to take the fight to the right. down with the sexism of the right!

  6. @Ruth The Moabite it is fine to archive, but your site is completely out of date. Your piece on the Conservative movement, for example, still includes information that was from before the CJLS made decisions about admitting openly gay students to its rabbinical school. I also suspect that, since that piece was published, the number of synagogues in the movement that remain non-egalitarian has continued to shrink.
    Go ahead and archive, but your organization is irresponsible in the way it maintains its website and in creating such an inflammatory poster about a fellow Jew.

    1. The New York Times website is even more out of date! It includes articles such as this one, which refers to “President Truman”. Not only is Truman no longer the president; he’s not even alive! This is irresponsible journalism. Don’t they have fact-checkers?

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