From The West Bank To The Left Bank And Beyond

Jewschool’s going international! We’ve spread all over, from NYC to London, Israel and now to France. I moved to Paris for a few months for the purpose of studies, hence the recent lack of contribution to this forum.

I was going to write about Avraham Tal’s recent Le Pen-ist article in Haaretz, but I thought I’d share with you something else.

Among the items the last tenant left in my apartment was a bottle of olive oil, imported from the village of Taybeh. Taybeh happens to be one of the neighboring villages to my hometown, so I was glad to find such a fine local product here in Paris. The olive oil is imported and sold by Alter Eco, which supports “equitable business”. The label proudly mentions in big letters the oil’s origin and the country it came from: Palestine!

19 thoughts on “From The West Bank To The Left Bank And Beyond

  1. I figure someone is gonna point out the delicious irony of your present locale, but it won’t be me. I will say enjoy the delicious nutella crepes though.

  2. While you’re away….
    Today’s “Yediot Aharonot” newspaper reports that the army is DISBANDING units containing only Yeshiva students of the “Hesder” program.
    Of course they are insisting that it has NOTHING to do with the plans to exile the Jews of Gaza – but it is transparent that they are scared shitless of these guys refusing to serve in that “manouver”.
    Boy, is this gonna backfire. For almost a decade now, many religious-national guys have been confident enough of their own identity to leave the “Hesder” framework and join other (sometimes elite) units of the army. Now, with one or two firebrand Yeshiva guys in every unit of the army, SO MANY fence-sitting soldiers are going to be inspired to refuse service!
    Oh, and Oofnick – try not to get beat up while you’re in Paris, Jewboy…

  3. “Oh, and Oofnick – try not to get beat up while you’re in Paris, Jewboy…”
    I’m wearing jewschool’s “Jesus was a kike” t-shirt right now. lets see where that’ll get me to.

  4. “I’m wearing jewschool’s “Jesus was a kike” t-shirt right now. lets see where that’ll get me to.”
    I think most radical Islamists and Neo-Nazis would agree that Jesus was a kike…that is if the French and/or Arab speaking are familiar with the term kike. (I doubt it.) Try wearing a yarmulke; that would be much more daring!

  5. Asaf – don’t be a f*ing idiot
    Yes I second that.
    As a former galut Jew let me tell you – you don’t know what you are up against.

  6. theres a taybeh next to ramallah, that in palestine.
    the olive oil is probaly from that village not from the taybeh in israel.

  7. just wanted to clarify that the last comment was not from me (the usual contributor).
    Anyway, Asaf, what kills is me is that you’re so ready gush about Palestinians nationalism but you find Jewish nationalism so abhorrent. Can’t both be valid?

  8. Salut chum et bonne chance avec les ‘bars’.
    Ils vous aimeront.
    As you probably know by now,
    the city of Paris is usually okay for yidden. My bro living there for the past couple of years does not remove his kipa ever. You see, Paris is quite an expensive city and the vast majority of immigrants naturally can’t afford that and live out in the suburbs. That’s where you got to watch your back.
    (It goes without saying that not all Parisian Jews actually live in Paris.)

  9. So what, now we’re linking antisemitism to poverty? You mean it’s not an immutable trait that inheres in Arab genes for all time? Weird.

  10. whats up from jerusalem asaf
    make sure you get to know the sephardi community in paris, the ways they understand france is entirely different from the ashkenazi one, maybe you’ll even join betach…
    or not.

  11. “So what, now we’re linking antisemitism to poverty?”
    Ther kind of antisemitism that gets sysnagogues burnt and Jews aggressed, indeed hails from the suburbian housing projects.
    In Paris itself you’ll find the more polite antisemitisme “l’antisémitisme feutré” which minimises that of the suburbs while since it comes from “victims” for it’s not about what you do but what you are, here’s how their approach works:
    if you are an unemployed delinquent you are necessarily a victim and therefore innocent, if you are Jewish you are rich and rich is alsways guility in France (they have an issue with money like the US has an issue with sex); since Israel is a developed democracy and a mostly successful one it must have done something wrong and, it being the centre of a violent conflict indicates the same, as righteous peaceful people don’t have conflict and if they do are victims, since in a conflict you’re either victime ou bourreau, pas de milieu (le “milieu” est invention bourgeoise).
    If one wants to wear a rabble-rousing tee-shirt in Paris, better it be in French rather than in English, and Jesus’ Jewishness or anything else about Jesus for that matter mostly elicits zzzz there.
    Try wearing something like “Vive le Sionisme” or “Israel a (presque tojours) raison” and walk in a suburbian low-rent housing (HLM) area.

  12. Jewish people get on my nerves. I never knew why they got such a bad rep before but now I see. They’re discusting and smell bad. REAL bad breath, they’re slobs, ungrateful, rude, cheap, and try to convert anyone who’s not a jew. At least Hitler had the right idea.

  13. I would like to know why jews are disliked by so many people in many different countrys? Is it just because parents and the cultures pass this down to each generation or do the jews have an inherant way of life that angers people. It seems that through out history jews get kicked out of someplace they set up in another country and become succesfull. Then the poople there get angry and boot them out again or kill them. this has happend again and again. Do People just get jelous of percieved success and or greed or do jews keep them selves seperate from the host country and are thought to be aragant? How can the jews be treated this way for two thousand years and it continues till this day like in france, russia, and most of europe. somthing remains a constant…..???

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