Frontpage Over The Line

UCLA undergrad Ben Shapiro comes to the defense of Ann Coulter in Frontpage Magazine, but rather than truly defending her position, uses the opportunity to paint all liberal Jews with one sweeping brush stroke.

Of course, an assertion like [that which was made by Coulter regarding Democratic pandering] arouses liberal Jews, who feel that they fulfill their Jewish obligations by eating bagels and lox, and only proclaim their Jewishness when they sense any hint of anti-Semitism from the political right wing.


But for most liberal Jews, authentic Judaism is an afterthought. These Jews are born Jewish, but they don’t think Jewish, and they certainly don’t act Jewish. When American Jews are identified as a demographic group, observers should note that the vast majority of them do not practice authentic Judaism — they practice secularism.

Somebody put me in a room with this guy for five minutes, please Lord, I beg you!

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