Frum Wives Get Their F*ck On But Don’t Feel “The Love”

The Forward reports,

Orthodox Jewish women experience a relatively high level of frequent sexual activity, but low levels of emotional and physical satisfaction, according to the results of a survey released Wednesday at the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting in New York. The study was based on anonymous, self-administered questionnaires filled out by 382 Orthodox women in the New York area and Israel.

Frum men: Put down the sefer and speak to your wives, give them hugs often, and make them cum first. You will have changed the world…

8 thoughts on “Frum Wives Get Their F*ck On But Don’t Feel “The Love”

  1. The requirement is only that you have sex once a month, there’s nothing in the law that says they have to enjoy it.

  2. yes well, to quote willem defoe’s jesus character in the last temptation of christ, “i’m the end of the old law and the beginning of the new.”

  3. Ultrac… is wrong. The Talmud and other generally accepted works specifically caution that a woman should be “satisfied” sexually. She has the right to request sex and her husband is obligated to comply.
    Despite what many uninformed persons think, Jewish women have a much higher social status than women in other socio-ethnic groups.

  4. Also, Jewish woman whose husbands do not sexually satisy them have grounds for divorce according to Jewish law.
    And Ultrac….where in the world do you get your info?

  5. Have you ever known of a woman, Jewish or otherwise, to not complain about sex with her husband except when she gets something for it? Conversely, have you ever heard a woman complain about sex with her lover except for not getting enough?

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