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Fun with Jewish Existentialism

Writer/Director Yishai Freedman of the Jewish Theatre Workshop, who brought you 10 Plays in Ninety Minutes in NYC and Baltimore last January, has done it again.
The Eschatological Theater Company and Chabad of Dumbo present Vanity of Vanities: A Tragicomedy in One Act, on May 21 and 23. Stay tuned for details on a possible performance in Baltimore to follow. Details below:
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Update: This didn’t upload as planned. The show will be performed Sunday, May 21st at 3 pm and 7 pm and Tuesday, May 23rd at 7 pm. $10 each. For directions and reservations, email [email protected]

4 thoughts on “Fun with Jewish Existentialism

  1. On a very serious note:
    Chabad is a legally trademarked name and institution.
    Making up a false name (“Chabad of Dumbo”) and claiming (even satirically) that it is the presenter of an act is probably a legally actionable offense. It clearly oversteps the boundaries of what is allowed by a satirical presentation.
    I would consult my attornies if I were the people putting this on.

  2. Just to be clear. CHaBaD of DUMBO is a real CHaBaD house in a section of Brooklyn called DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). CHaBaD of Dumbo is recognized by that name by the central Schlichim office.
    Every one come see the Play.

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