Funky Shabbat in Cape Cod

National Havurah Committee (NHC)
New England Winter Retreat
December 16-18, 2005
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
You’re going to be there!
All are invited to a Shabbat of Jewish learning, music, and community in a picturesque setting overlooking the ocean. The NHC is a participatory egalitarian multi-generational non-denominational Jewish community.
Sessions include:
Jonah Steinberg, “Halakha Responds to Tragedy”
Elizabeth Richman, “Our Role in Revelation: Human Interpretation or Angel’s Kiss?”
Lauren Rose, “Songs of Hope, Joy, and Peace”
Solomon Mowshowitz, “Flying ‘Nuns’ (the Hebrew Letter) and Other Torah Oddities”
Joelle Novey, “Melodies for the Third Meal”
David E. Levine, “Jewish Art and Artists”
Ronnie Levin, “Bible Stories You Didn’t Learn in Sunday School”
…and lots more!
The weekend also includes spirited Carlebach-style and Kol Zimrah-style prayer (I’ll be leading the latter on Sunday morning, as a proud member of the elite guitar-tefillin club), a Jewish folk music jam session, a children’s program, and great kosher vegetarian food. It’s also a great opportunity to network with people from independent Jewish communities (old and new) all over the northeast. Substantial discounts are available for students, people under 25, families, and western Massachusetts residents. (This is my 7th NHC event, and the first time I’m ever paying full price.) The full brochure and registration form (PDF) are here. See you in Cape Cod!

2 thoughts on “Funky Shabbat in Cape Cod

  1. Nu? So what does “funky” mean in this contest? A great back-beat (think: James Brown)? Smelly and gross (that refrigerator was funky when I got back from vacation!)? Fun and friendly and informal (think: hamische)?

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