Yeshivish Video Subculture

I have just discovered this (weird to me) subculture on the recently launched Google Video.
Mobius linked it a short while back, but check out L’Cha by The Chevra (and here was I thinking we were all like one chevra) – it’s like thirteen minutes long and it’s freaky: these guys don’t get out much, there aren’t a lot (read: any) women, but they can formation dance, and they’ve got a thang for faux wet t-shirt competitions. And they’ve clearly got quite a lot of time on their hands – this one’s filmed in three locations.
This one even has a “faux” woman in it.
They all sing like they’re singing at their cousin’s Barmitzvah.
Jewspotter that I am, so then I did what I always do in these situations: I searched for all the Jewish stuff; it’s a veritable cornocopia of chassidische tishes, weddings, breakdancing, cool combinations of the two, visiting graves, turn-of-the-century New York.
Sheesh. Mindblowing.
I love this one: Grand Rebbe Shmuel Halberstam of Sanz-Klausenberg officiating over the Purim tish in his Boro Park shul. Look how they move.
And also, if you play the first one and the Rebbe at the same time (Firefox tabs are your friends), it’s like a freaky DJ mix for the post-E generation.
Turns out yeshiva bochrim are not the only all-male groups who get up to the crazy song and dance thang.
Seems like there’s a lot of frustrated creative energy out there. Do girls do this?
Thanks to Yoz and assorted J-Geeks for the original link.

13 thoughts on “Yeshivish Video Subculture

  1. See…this is why Lakewood if REALLY banning the Internet! 🙂
    Bachurim wasting time making music videos instead of loinin’ Toirah! The shaynde!

  2. Why not?
    Meanwhile frum girls are learning computer animation and video editing at ulpanot and seminaries throughout Israel – giving them a halachically acceptable outlet for their narrative/visual expression.
    Funny how this blog lionizes “alternative” Jewish expression – but is somehow weirded out by Ortho-populist creativity… so all this progressive posturing really is about proving your cool to the imaginary gentile Man, after all.
    Can you say “double standard”?

  3. ‘The cha’ video explicitly states that it was filmed during ‘ben hazmanim’ which are the periods on the hebrew calendae when yeshivas are on vacation, like chol hamoed Pesach and Succot, the month and a half before Elul, etc…
    I’m also amazed with this ‘subculture’. I’ve already started trashing my goyish music and movies and replacing it with Jewish material. Good riddance U2, Pink Floyd, Sting and the Stones. Hello Reva l’Sheva, Chevra, Adi Ran and Aharon Razael.

  4. right on, Ben-David — where’s sashinka get off ripping on David Lavon (the L’cha video guy)? That video shows a keen pre/post production sensibility, wicked acrobatic/martial arts knowledge + ability, community + roots acknowledgment — and it’s mad hilarious yo! this doesn’t seem like “frustrated creativity” at all — Lavon and his posse seem quite fulfilled with their folk art, and just ’cause he keeps his black hat on while doing the windmill, it doesn’t make him uncool — it makes him mad cool.

  5. If I thought this is what a year in Israel was really like, I would definitely have reconsidered my decision to head straight to Iowa…

  6. Google video has totally rocked my world. My ortho friends at work made me watch the chevra video last week. WHat can I say, I, too, wanted to head off for my shana aleph! Is 30 too old? I’d have to work on my popping and locking skill set first. Maybe they have some sort of ulpan for that…
    If you liked l’cha, check out this http://video.google.com/videop
    An unbelievable 13 minute film, WITH SOUND, of jewish life in munkacs, hungary (home of the rebbe) in 1933. It will blow you away.

  7. great video on munkacs and jewish life there! Anyone figured out how to download to hard drive? Pls email me to advise. thanks

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