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Gay? Jewish? Want to be put in a box?

A clinical psychology student at Long Island University is looking for “Jewish, gay men” to fill out his survey. Must be “male and 21 years of age or older.”

My name is Jacob Rossmer and I am currently a clinical psychology student at Long Island University (C.W. Post Campus) doing research on the conflict that Jewish, gay men (of all different sects of Judaism) face over identifying as both Jewish and gay. The hope for this research is to help shed some light on how Jewish, gay men adapt to this conflict and then to report back to the psychology community and the community at large.
At the current time I am looking for research subjects to complete an online, anonymous, and entirely confidential survey on this topic.
If you have any questions, concerns, etc. please let me know. Thanks so much and below is the link for the website.
Jacob Rossmer

Participants should beware that a lot of the answers are rather restricting. Denominational affiliation is ranked in a way that BZ (and others) have argued against, you’ll have to say the age at which you identified as “homosexual” (um, never?! who uses that word to describe themselves?), rank yourself using the Kinsey scale (though the survey doesn’t identify the question as such), resign yourself to a gender and sexuality binary, and recognize all manner of negative stereotypes in the questions.
Sounds like fun, right?

2 thoughts on “Gay? Jewish? Want to be put in a box?

  1. Wow… this questionaire is terrible! I have a BA in psych, and this should really be a sociological study with interviews, not binary stupid questions that don’t allow for any nuance…

  2. Mr. Rossmer might want to read “Schnoor, Randal F. “Finding One’s Place: Ethnic Identity Construction Among Gay Jewish Men.” Diss. McGill Unviersity, 2003.” The only major sociological study of the topic, for a better idea of what he’s dealing with, and a much more comprehensive approach to the topic.

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