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Slapping Women… for Chanukah?

What the heck is the Jewish Journal doing publishing a story about lighting candles and smacking women for Chanukah? (For a second year in a row?!) It’s not funny, it’s amazingly offensive, and I feel I’m doing a disservice just by linking to it here.
The whole piece is “perfectly acceptable [ways] to slap around women.” Seriously.

Therefore, in the spirit of Hanukkah, I will describe 8 situations where it is perfectly acceptable to abuse women physically, sexually, or psychologically, one for each night. You can take these women and paddle their backsides, and there will be no consequences, unless gratification is a consequence. Do not worry about the feminists getting angry, which is how they normally go through life. They will allow this abuse to happen. So for those of you out there looking to abuse women, here are the eight acceptable situations.

Not. O. Kay.
Maybe I’m an angry feminist, but I fail to see the humour in listing why it’s okay to abuse Muslim women, poor and/or ugly women, prostitutes, women with various political views… It’s just wrong. And justifying it as a Chanukah column because it’s holiday of “pure male testosterone”? No. (“We came, we saw, and we conquered. We kicked some rumpus. Pure military force allowed the Maccabees to just smack around the enemy like they were women in need of a good backside slap.”)
The final paragraph is, supposedly, the “twist” we were waiting for, that justifies the whole piece:

The bottom line is either all women should get abused, or none of them should get abused. I prefer none of them get abused. I also prefer to live in a world where feminists actually stop promoting a liberal agenda, and start fighting for all women to be treated with respect. Men and women would both benefit from this.

But… no. For Chanukah, would someone please buy Eric, the author, a book on intro to Feminism?

8 thoughts on “Slapping Women… for Chanukah?

  1. Any chance you could edit this post to include contact info for the publication so we can write angry e-mails? This really pissed me off. Thanks.

  2. The whole piece is “perfectly acceptable [ways] to slap around women.” Seriously.
    But…it isn’t serious at all. Not the way you are portraying his post.

  3. I think it was meant to be satire, but it’s not actually all that humorous, and it’s the kind of “funny” that has its hostilities pretty close to the surface, like lynching “jokes” about our President-elect.
    Comments like, “Actually, I have no desire to hurt anyone, although I would not mind the radical feminists having their mouths ductaped while I am trying to watch football. They could voluntarily shut up until the commercials, but that has never happened” are obviously meant to be attempts at humor, but fall horribly, painfully flat because they reek of anger.

  4. This is what happens when people whose entire knowledge of the world is filtered through Rush Limbaugh are given blogs at Jewish newspapers. I guess the feeling is that if they insult feminists this week, they can then say something mean about Republicans next week.
    Yashar koach on calling the Journal on this crap. Maybe we should have a column here, a Jewish weakly reader?

  5. Wow. If what you say is true, then this is truly unbelievable. Of course we can’t see for ourselves as the JJ has since blipped the article. I suspect (and hope) that outrage from the readership – Jschoolers notwithstanding – might have influenced that move. Unfortunately though, print copies may still up for grabs on the coffee tables of the Journal’s supposed 150,000 suscribers. And just to add irony to injury, lets remember that some of the foremost leaders of modern (capital F) Feminism were themselves MOTs.
    The “article” can still be found here, though is hardly worth your time and does little to distiguish itself from the wealth of misogyny available in cyberspace. Skim through and you’ll experience the wrath of someone who has just sabotaged his chances of getting what he probably needs the most. 😉

  6. 1: Feminism can only exist if Civilization exists.
    2: Civilization can only exist because of the labor of Men.
    See how foolish Feminism is? Like biting the hand that feeds …
    I’ve come across more and more Western Men who are fed up with the disrespectful, ungrateful Feminist behavior of Western Women. While we certainly disagree with how the Muslims treat women, we also disagree with how Feminists treat the very men who are responsible for the Civilization that allows them to … hate men. We’re fed up, GRRLS.
    You better wise up, and renounce Feminism. Western Men are kind but you’ve crossed the line. Civilization deserves better.

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