General Strike Shuts Down Israeli Public Services

Haaretz reports,

A major public-sector strike over unpaid wages of workers in some local authorities began early Wednesday morning, cancelling outgoing flights at Ben-Gurion International Airport, paralyzing seaports ports and all train lines, and closing of land borders, government offices, employment bureaus, courts, National Insurance Institute branches, the Israel Lands Administration and the vehicle licensing offices.
If the strike does not end within two days, a shortage of gasoline may ensue, as fuel will npt be delivered to gas stations.
Official documents like passports will not be issued, and functioning assessment committees at the National Insurance Institute will not meet. No mail will be delivered.
The local authority strike means that garbage will not be collected and parking tickets will not be issued.
[…] The reason for the strike is the partial or total withholding of salaries of about 12,000 workers in dozens of local authorities, and the non-transfer of money deducted for pension plans and educational training funds for 40,000 workers in local authorities.

Wait, wait, wait — lemme get this straight: The government has a quarter-billion dollars to spend on marketing, but it hasn’t paid 12,000 civil employees in months? And now we all have to suffer for it?
I’ve come up with a slogan for Israel’s marketing campaign: “Israel: Medina im rosh b’takhat.”

4 thoughts on “General Strike Shuts Down Israeli Public Services

  1. people like to complain sometimes about how selfish strikers are, but I applaud them for being willing to shut down a whole country until they get something resembling their due. Motherfuck productivity!

  2. And another, better question: The government has tens of billions to spend on the *settlements* and on *chabad* and on *shas* – but it hasn’t paid 12,000 civil servants in months?

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