2 thoughts on “Look out Bill, I think I just found Lefty's new crush

  1. mmmmm delicious california nerdiness. game jew, wanna come over for shabbos sometime? bring your little koopa paratroopa too. bill get jealous.

  2. this “begs the question”: where does state-of-the-art irony end and timeless stupidity begin?
    in Game Jew’s defense, i’ll note that a world-renowned director once taught me that, while drama is virtually impossible to pull off, and comedy is even harder, creating true stupidity is the most difficult and highest art of all.
    then again, that dude was a nutjob.
    in any case, i’ll kick all y’all’s asses — especially yours, Meddling Mobius — and Lefty, you play one Game with that Jew, and this party’s over.

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