German TV Show Invokes Antisemitic Imagery

From Davids Medienkritik comes word of a sketch “comedy” bit, set to air tomorrow night on German public television, in which a chassidishe Jew gloats and laughs as he sits upon on the back of suffering Palestinian.

Is this antisemitism or political commentary with an unfortunate choice in characterization? Medienkritik‘s David Kaspar tends to think it’s the former, but adds that he sees it as “a bias of the German media, not of the German people.”

2 thoughts on “German TV Show Invokes Antisemitic Imagery

  1. It`s just a joke..please don`t take it too serious! WWII is over, and Germany is going to apologize his warcrimes ever and ever again..even still for many hundred years.
    I`d like to see that behaviour by other nations, which have got a bloody history.

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