Get our back!

And by that I mean, send us your Jewishly themed background images to be featured on Jewschool. Upload your hi-res images to Flickr or some other photosharing service and e-mail us the URL. If we choose your photo, it will become the background image on Jewschool for a full week, and announced in a post that will feature a blurb about anything you’d like to tell us about.
For best composition, images should be of a darker nature (and by that I mean lower lighting), the main object should be to the right of the frame (so it doesn’t get completely covered up by the blog posts), and the document itself should be large enough that it doesn’t look like ass when cropped to 1440×800.
Artists and pro-photographers are welcome to submit images to be featured along with a post profiling you and your work. Jewish participants needn’t be doing Jewishly-themed work, though non-Jewish participants ought to make submissions meaningfully connect to Jewish subjects.
Fire up yer iPhoto and holla.

5 thoughts on “Get our back!

  1. That reminds me…
    I like the new backgrounds. But, I sometimes find it hard to look at the page while scrolling with a static background image. I found the posts much easier to read with the oldskool tiled image.
    I realize that this is a design choice (since photographic backgrounds look crappy when you scroll through their seams). I just wanted to put my two cents in and wondered if I’m the only one. And, I hope that approaching 30 doesn’t make me sound too much like an old man.

  2. The image is cut off, but from what I can make out, it says, “One should refrain from shaving soap [on Pesach].” If it said îñáåï âéìåç I would agree with you. Looks like a pun on the English using an incorrect idiomatic translation into Hebrew.

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