4 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. evolution bla blah how many times do we have to hear these shpiels. is macroevolution really that important? sure it explains some stuff, but its pretty useless when it comes to applied science.
    why dont you spend more time teaching more useful shit in public schools? we got kids in high school who know so much about this controversy over macroevolution/creationism but they don’t know shit about how virii reproduce.
    better yet, why not introduce mandatory introductory logic courses?

  2. damn shmuel. have you ever thought that, I dunno, maybe the issue of evolution education in schools is, like, maybe representative of a larger, more important debate about the separation of church and state in America? I know, I know – it sounds crazy…

  3. Enjoyed rootlesscosmo’s sarcasm.
    Anyway, I just read Brad Hirschfield’s explanation of the Jewish view of evolution, and there’s a lot of slippery thinking there too. He treats it as though intelligent design and evolution both have good points. Only one is scientific. We don’t need a “Jewish” view of evolution anymore than we need a Darwinian Haggadah.

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