Golem rocks. In my underwear.

Golem. Where the men wear women’s panties, the women wear mens’, and the Extra Action Marching Band pretty much takes it all off. These shots from Thursday night’s incredibly off the hook San Francisco Vodka Latke gig. Golem played the second half of their set al fresco.


More Golem here. More Chanukah panties here. Videos from the party here.
(And yes, all parties consented to being portrayed here in their skivvies.)

18 thoughts on “Golem rocks. In my underwear.

  1. What’s so ‘hot’ (or fun) about a party where everyone is drunked/drugged up so much that their frontal lobes get lazy and they act like animals sniffing at each other’s crotches?
    How many liters of vomitus came up after this event, and is that the standard for our sense of enjoyment?
    How about this standard, instead: Would I want my grandparents and my grandkids to sit in a room together, watching a video of me screeching because some schmo has hung his shlong out, or ’cause I’ve traded used underwear?

  2. I would buy them if you switched it to “po”. Otherwise I don’t think it makes sense. And I don’t want my Israeli boyfriend thinking about anything whatever “miracles” he experienced back in the Eretz.

  3. it doesn’t make sense to you, sure, but it makes sense to the hordes of jewish college students who are my customers, and who grew up with a dreidel that has a shin on it.
    religious jews never buy my stuff anyway, they just give me grief about whether it tznius or not. i stopped trying to market to them ages ago.

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