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CONSUMER ALERT: Ready-to-Use Chanukah Candles

An area resident turned me on to this. At the behest of a Brooklyn-area resident and under the auspices of Rabbi David Cohen, shlit”a, it is a mitzva for me to publicize a potentially life-threatening product being sold on the market at Judaica stores in major Jewish metropolitan areas.
Ready to Use Chanukah Oil Candles as distributed by Ahron’s Judaica are erroneously assumed to be jelled extra virgin olive oil encased in 44 glass cases.
In actuality the cases are made of plastic. After a few minutes of use, they begin to melt, liquifying into a ball of fire after an extended period of time. A Brooklyn resident told me his entire menorah was damaged, and considerable damage was narrowly avoided. Baruch Hashem no one was hurt, but such a product should not be on the market.
Read the rest of the alert at This Is Babylon. îöåä ìôøñí, it is a mitzva to publicize this potentially lifesaving information.

4 thoughts on “CONSUMER ALERT: Ready-to-Use Chanukah Candles

  1. My friend has these candles, and I noticed that one of his plastic oil thingys COMPLETELY melted into the window sill leaving a black stain. My thought was: woah, kinda odd.

  2. good grief, how does such a thing get out there? Did no one think to test this product? It seems like tere would be no safe way to use it. Whoa.

  3. Thank you so much! I have a few friends who don’t surf the internet and had no idea about this.
    Thank least it was found out on the 2nd night of Chnaukah and not the say the 7th!

  4. I bought these
    We lit these candels and about 45 min later my smoke detector went off, I rushed into our dining room and saw that three of the containers had melted together and there was a quitre a fire going. In addition to not being kosher for lighting (i.e. a medura), this is a real sakana. I hope they are sued for prodcuts liability.
    BTW- I went and checked, last year they were made of glass ( i had a few left over).

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