Interfaith Chanukah Gathering in Jerusalem

If you’re looking looking for a some interreligious dialogue and good times to make your Chanukah complete, this Tuesday night is the Interfaith Hannukah Celebration with the Abrahamic Reunion at the Van Leer Institute (right next to the President’s House on Rechov HaNasi). Details:
The Abrahamic Reunion, a group of Muslim, Christian, Druze, and Jewish religious and spiritual leaders invites everyone to an interfaith celebration of the fifth candle of Chanukah on Tuesday, Dec 19, starting at 5:00 PM
Rav Ari Smadja, the Chief Rabbi of Ramat Shlomo, will give teachings in the spirit of Hannukah.
There will be music and piyutim for Chanukah and food. The Chanukah candles will be kindled with blessings for peace by Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze religious leaders from the Abrahamic Reunion including religious leaders and spiritual leaders.
Planned to be there is an all-star cast including Druze Sheikh Hussein Abu Rukkun, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari of the Old City Sufi Center, Ibtisam Mahamid of the Women’s Interfaith Encounter Network, Greek Melkite Deacon Jiries Mansour, Reverend Abuna Abu Hatoum of Nazareth, Ibrahim Abuelhawa of the Mount of Olives, Elias Jabbour of the International House of Hope, Imam Khalil Albaz of the Bedouin community of Tel Sheva, Elana Roszenman of the Women’s Interfaith Encounter Network, Sderot Chief Rabbi Zion Cohen and other special guests.
For more info: Eliyahu at 02-563-7578 or 050-569-1697.

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